The Group Benefits department of Shields Brokerage took a day to visit the Sun Life Scarborough, Maine Campus. Sun Life, along with their co-host, MGIS, welcomed the Shields staff and several brokers, who took the opportunity to spend some time learning about the MGIS unique programs and get a feel for the Sun Life Claims Center. 
MGIS provides specialized group disability insurance programs for physicians and medical professionals. MGIS group disability policies are backed by Sun Life and currently services more than 10,000 physician groups nationwide. 

We toured the campus which was gorgeous and very modern. Employees are not in a "cube farm" but in team areas with many open areas to connect.  Then we participated in a round table to discuss the opportunities and introduce the MGIS product line, built specifically to protect Doctors and Dentists and their practices.  We sat in on an actual LTD claim discussion.  It wasn’t a room filled with computers, it was a live panel of doctors and a claim specialist in a room discussing the needs of an LTD Claimant. Outcomes were the focus.

We learned that the philosophy behind the way they handle disability claims is referred to as WisH- Work is Healthy.  They dedicate so much time and effort into getting folks who are WILLING and WANTING to get back to work, with all the tools they need to do so. The claimant is the decision-maker, Sun Life helps them facilitate their goal. If needed, an onsite Occupational Therapist has a room of gadgets and adaptive equipment at the campus. They test and then recommend tech or equipment that the claimant can use to help get back to their normal life or even better, get back to work. It was something out of a James Bond movie.

I attached some helpful product materials for you but I honestly want you to WATCH and SHARE the video.  It is very powerful.

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