How will your clients pay for

LTC services?

People work a lifetime to accumulate assets to see them through retirement.
Unfortunately, relying on those assets to fund long-term care services may mean:

  • Selling stocks or property, cashing in CDs or dipping into 401(k) or savings accounts
  • Paying unexpected capital gains tax, income tax and potential surrender charges
  • Foregoing returns the liquidated assets were expected to generate
  • Abandoning plans to leave an inheritance to children and grandchildren

When you sit down with your clients ask them, “Which asset do you want to use to pay for your
Long Term Care services, or would you like to discuss other options?”

If you need a traditional LTC Policy or a Life Policy with a Living Benefit Rider, Shields Brokerage
is your resource for all this and the expert staff that can assist you in helping your client.

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