What better way to recognize & celebrate DIAM than to focus on introducing Disability Income Protection Insurance to as many small businesses as possible?
For small business owners and their employees, the ability to work and earn a living supports everything else that they expect and desire to do in their lives.
If a disability strikes and one’s ability to earn a paycheck ends:
  • What happens with mortgage, rent and utility payments?
  • What happens with education/tuition bill payments?
  • What happens with the basic costs of food, clothing & transportation?
And, what about the impact on a small business when a key employee can no longer be a vital contributor to the business because of a disability? How long can a small business owner continue to support an employee who is no longer a contributor to the business?
These are tough and uncomfortable questions that small business owners must confront and answer for themselves and their employees.
The good news is that a simple solution exists in the form of a Disability Income Protection program that provides positive answers to all of these questions. If you have business clients that have 2 to 19 employees you now have a great option to offer them with Reliance Standard SmartChoice LTD & STD!.
The SmartChoice Disability Income Protection solution provides small business owners and their employees with all of
the following:
  • 100% Guarantee Issue coverage
  • Pre-existing condition caused/related disability protection
  • Up to $7,500/month in LTD benefits
  • Up to $1,500/week in STD benefits
  • Zero-day Residual protection
  • Partial Disability benefits
  • 3 year Own-Occupation disability definition
  • Maternity covered as any disability
So, why not recognize and celebrate DIAM by spreading the word with your small business clients that SmartChoice Disability Income Protection, for literally nickels on the dollar compared to the cost of basic health care,can step in whenever one’s ability to earn a living is curtailed due to disability?
Give Kathy a call to get a quick quote or learn more.

Kathy Borsh
Director of Group Sales
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