Why STM insurance?
STM insurance plans provide insurance coverage during life transitions. When your clients are between group insurance or individual major medical policies, STM insurance policies pay for covered medical expenses due to unexpected illnesses or injuries. Covered expenses include diagnostic physician visits, emergency room treatment, hospital stays, surgery, intensive care and more, but do not include maternity care or outpatient prescription drugs.

  • Affordable: STM insurance policies are affordable. While STM contains limitations when compared to
    traditional major medical plans, the premium is generally lower. While ACA plans can only
    vary premiums based on geography, age, tobacco use and number of people covered (single
    vs. family plan), short-term plans can vary rates due to any number of factors, including
    health conditions.
  • Customizable: Select from various benefit levels which best meet your insurance and premium needs. You
    can also add other coverage such as dental insurance or a discount prescription drug program.
  • Convenient: Coverage can begin as early as the day following acceptance of your online application. In
    addition, policy forms and ID cards as well as claims information are available online.

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The sale of STM is easy too. It is all done online. Get contracted today to get your own sales link that you can email to clients or add a button to your webpage. Download contracting and fax it back today to get your link and start offering these plans.
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Chris Shields