Becky Bell, CFP Longbridge Financial, LLC

Whether it has been part of your conversations or not, your clients are getting frequent exposure to the topic of reverse mortgages…and they have questions about whether it might be a good option for their own financial future. They are seeing soundbites on TV, talking to their friends and reading articles in major financial publications like Time, Kiplinger and The Wall Street Journal. Media coverage has been heavy and positive – and recent research further shows that a reverse mortgage can have a valid place in a strategic financial plan for many Americans. Where people would most like to get their credible information? From you – their trusted advisor.

Are you up to speed on these products and how/when to best use them to help clients achieve their financial goals? Did you know that a reverse mortgage:

  • Can be used to eliminate a monthly mortgage payment, freeing up significant cash flow for other purposes
  • Can help clients shift to a tax-free income stream, preserving invested assets and lowering the income tax burden of qualified plan distributions
  • Can provide a credit line that is guaranteed to grow over time, providing funds to offset longevity risks
  • Can DOUBLE your clients chances of making their money last through a long, successful retirement?
  • Has been through an FHA overhaul to make it a safer, lower cost program than what most people expect?
  • Can be used to help your clients with very little effort on your part?

Join us for an informational call with Becky Bell, CFP – a thought-leader in the movement to use reverse mortgages as part of a financial plan. Becky has all the most current research and will share strategies on how you can learn more to help your clients build a longevity plan.

Seminar Times

Feb 7, 11:00 am (1hr)

Feb 9, 9:00 am (1hr)

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