2017 LTC Awareness Month

For 30 years, Shields Brokerage has been committed to providing products, marketing and sales support to producers in the LTC marketplace, and it's paying off! We are receiving calls from our producers who have seen the value of a LTC policy in action for their...

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Group Benefits – Great News

Shields Brokerage list of carriers grows again! We now can offer you access to MetLife. When you work with us, one call gives you access to over 10 top rated carriers in the Group Ancillary market. Shields Brokerage will turn around your quote request quickly and may...

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May – Disability Awareness Month

What better way to recognize & celebrate DIAM than to focus on introducing Disability Income Protection Insurance to as many small businesses as possible? For small business owners and their employees, the ability to work and earn a living supports everything else...

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AEP 2018 Already?

More than 18 million Americans are on Medicare Advantage Plans. Are your clients? If you aren’t showing your clients the advantages of Medicare Advantage Plans, you could be missing the boat by not showing them affordable health care options with great benefits and...

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Linked Benefits – Need to Know

Do you know the difference of an 101G and 7702B rider on life insurance products and what it means in regards to the LTC benefits to your client might receive? Whether you sell a term policy with a rider or an annuity you should be aware of the differences. In 15...

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Longbridge Intro Video

Thanks for taking a moment to get a little more information on a service that you can recommend to your clients. You can be confident that if you refer your client to Longbridge Financial they will be treated with respect and professionalism that you demand. Watch the...

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Reverse Mortgages – ReBoot

Whether it has been part of your conversations or not, your clients are getting frequent exposure to the topic of reverse mortgages…and they have questions about whether it might be a good option for their own financial future. Clients will look to you, their trusted advisor for credible information regarding these programs. read more

The End is Near ~ MA Season

Please use the following fax numbers if you need to submit your applications directly to the company. Company Direct FAX  Aetna PDP 888-665-6296  AARP PDP/MAPD 866-994-9659  Envision RX  844-293-4756  First Health  866-415-2232  HPHC MAPD-  888-609-0698 Humana...

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